понедельник, 13 декабря 2010 г.

Dofollow link misconceptions

Some time ago as I was making my commenting rounds, I happened to receive a reply that erupted to a healthy debate *cough* argument. I can be very emphatic especially if I know I am right.

I have heard a lot of misconceptions about Do Follow backlinks but this one by far takes the cake. That’s because it’s not a common misconception at all, but one of the minority.

Now I don’t present to be a backlink guru but I would like to think that I know at least the basic concepts surrounding backlinks and Search Engine Optimization.
Now I did not write this because I have anything against the person, he’s actually pretty cool. I primarily write to educate. If you know me then you should know that. More: http://ping.fm/aHWBt

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